Today, selling products online has become more popular than ever. Around 58.4% of internet users buy something online every week, taking up online retail sales to 4.9 Trillion U.S dollars worldwide. Not to mention, the rising number of people wondering how to sell products online.

The pandemic has been an influencer to this growth, although it is not the sole reason, there has been a consistent rise in the number of businesses selling online. So, if you are someone who wants to take up your business or create a shop online, this is the time to shine!

Creating your own e-commerce store and selling products online might sound intimidating, but nowadays, getting your products out there is easier than ever before! This guide will tell you exactly how to sell products online with your very own ecommerce store. Follow this 6 step guide to build your ecommerce store:

Products You Want to Sell: Some people might find it challenging to think of a product that they want to sell online. However, you should never forget that the product you choose plays an essential role in the success of an eCommerce business.

Plan Out Your Inventory and Costs: To become a good seller online, you should be able to understand the costs involved because creating a budget and outlining your inventory can tell you about the popularity, profit or loss, of each product as well as the whole business.

E-Commerce Platform: While creating any e-commerce store online, the platform you choose to sell your products is one of the most crucial steps. Don’t worry; there are plenty of e-commerce platforms available for you to choose from.

Your Store: To run an online business, a seller needs to focus on making a website or online store aesthetically appealing to customers. It is a decisive factor in driving people to purchase any kind of product.

Run a Marketing Campaign to Grow Your Audience: Nothing is better than marketing and advertising to get your products in front of potential customers. It is important to have an effective marketing strategy to help you identify how you can sell products online successfully.

Selling from Your Website: User experience is always one of the driving factors when it comes to direct sales. Making sure your website is user-friendly and the buyer journey is seamless will surely help you skyrocket your website sales.

Read on to dive deeper into each section and learn everything you need to know about selling products online.

Find the Products You Want to Sell

Before diving into all the nitty-gritty details of creating an online store, you’ll first need to find products to sell. Finding the right products to sell is vital to the success of your e-commerce business. Because the products you choose to sell will ultimately determine your success as a business owner.

Fortunately, there are many different ways to find products to sell. If you’re new to selling online, it’s a good idea to start small with products that are less expensive and easy to ship. One way to find products to sell is to scour local garage sales and thrift stores in your area. Another option is to consider creating your own product. For example, if you have a skill, you can create and sell your own branded merchandise and start your own small business.

In addition, you can also choose to sell products that you’re passionate about. A platform like Windo helps you sell all kinds of products. Passionate about writing? Sell digital products like eBooks on it.

Plan Out Your Inventory and Costs

Once you’ve found the products you want to sell, it’s time to create a budget and outline your inventory. To be a successful seller online, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the costs involved. You’ll want to make sure you have a budget for everything from the products themselves to the packaging and shipping costs.

Before you start shopping for products, make sure you have your budget in place. Decide how much you can spend on each product, and make sure you stay within that budget. You’ll also need to decide how many of each product you’ll sell. This will depend on a number of factors, such as the popularity of the product, the average amount customers are willing to spend on it, and whether you are able to learn how to sell products online for free or not.

Once you know how many of each product you’ll sell, you’ll be able to calculate your profit margin. This will help you understand how much profit your business will make with each product.

Decide on Your E-Commerce Platform

Now that you’ve decided what to sell and how much it’s going to cost you etc., it’s time to answer the pivotal question, how to sell products online successfully? The first part of this journey is choosing the right platform. An ecommerce platform will help you upload images, product details, prices, automate your logistics and much more. When starting out it’s best to choose a platform that gives you multiple features without putting a hole in your pocket. Thankfully, there are numerous e-commerce platforms available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

There are a few key factors to take into account when deciding which storefront software to use. First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with the software you’re using to create your website. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure it suits your business model and offers features to help you sell your products more effectively. When it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform, you have many options to consider.

To start, you can choose from one of these given ecommerce platforms: – BigCommerce – Shopify – Windo – Squarespace – Weebly – Wix – Etsy – Gumroad – WooCommerce – Medium – Papaya – Big Cartel – Amazon.

Create Your Store’s Look and Feel

Before you actually start selling your products, you’ll need to create the look and feel of your store. This includes the design of your website, the fonts used, and the layout. The way your products are displayed on your website will greatly affect the way your customers view them and could ultimately lead them to purchase.

To create a beautiful website, you have many options; you can use an e-commerce platform, or you can hire a professional designer to create a custom website for you. If you have the skills, you can also create your website yourself. Whichever route you choose, you’ll want to select a theme or design that fits your brand.

Also, no matter what type of products you decide to sell, you’ll want to make sure your website is easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Run a Marketing Campaign to Grow Your Audience

Once you’ve created your store and have the products you want to sell, it’s time to start marketing your business. The best way to get your products in front of potential customers is through marketing and advertising.

Plenty of ways are available to market your products, but if you’re looking for budget-friendly and influential strategies then organic marketing is for you. With it, you can generate traffic to your business without shelling out.

Additionally, you should start creating an advertising budget and outlining the types of ads you want to run. There are numerous types of ads you can run, including social media ads, search engine ads, and even paid email campaigns.

  • For social media, you can create ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your budget, you can pay to show the ad to everyone who logs onto the platform, or you can target people who meet specific criteria.
  • For search engine ads, you can start by targeting keywords related to your products. Depending on the e-commerce platform you use, you can create ads on Google and other search engines.
  • For email marketing, you can create an email campaign where you send out emails to people who subscribe to your mailing list. You can also pay to have emails sent to people based on their interests.

One Final Step: Selling from Your Website

Once you have thought of your store and found products to sell, it’s time you start selling products. And nothing is better than a website to attract customers to your online store. So, start creating your website as:

  1. It costs less than a storefront
  2. It is more convenient
  3. Online presence gets your products found on search

Moreover, SEO and usability are critical factors in making your website more visible and attractive. Therefore, building an SEO-Optimized and user-friendly website can enhance sales, increase traffic, improve the website’s performance, and raise your chances of success.

You have many options to increase traffic to your website. For instance, you can provide your website’s link on Instagram and other marketing platforms. Alternatively, you can use a program like Windo to direct people to your website to escalate your sales.

Conclusion: How to Sell Online

Ultimately, selling products online has become easier than ever. Thanks to e-commerce platforms and the rise of online shopping, it is now possible to start your own online business with minimal overhead.

You might find learning about all the aspects of selling products online quite overwhelming right now, but hang in there! Take one step at a time and try to follow the above steps at a pace you like.

If you haven’t created your online store yet, it’s time to begin now! Because taking the first step is all that matters. After that, you will soon reach your goals.

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